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Drawing Class

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So the last couple of months I’ve been taking a beginners drawing class at school and it has been great fun.  Learning how to draw has opened me up as a visual communicator in ways I never imagined.  I recommend it to all visual artists.  Learning this basic interpretation of life is so profound.  Here are some of the highlights:





Interpretation of a Night in Los Angeles

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Night out in Los Angeles

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After spending the day in Los Angeles Joe and I met up with Sammy D and the Brothers Rossmiller for some drinks at the local watering holes.  Also Joe, Sammy and Nick got to do their first “Sake Bombs”  at the Sake House on La Brea Ave.  I recommend it to any and all of you.  Sam isn’t so good at “Sake Bombs”

EVERYONE LOOK AT NICKGOYOLA_oct.17#06LA_oct.17#04LA_oct.17#05LA_oct.17#03LA_oct.17#02GREEN AND BLUE

Malloy Wedding Pt. 1

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Here are my favorites so far from Nicole and Craig’s wedding.  I took a lot of pictures that night so I’m sure there will be more. Enjoy:LONG WALK 01LONG WALK 02FIRST DANCEDANCING COLORSKENDRA IN FOGKAYLA IN COLORSDANCING COLORS 02DANCING COLORS 03robbins_malloy.09JILL AND HUGH