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Las Vegas and Witnessing the Decline while in Love

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2009 by blakeryanlewis

These are pictures from a recent trip my girlfriend and I took to Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day.  We took the bus from Los Angeles which was an awesome experience and a much more interactive traveling experience to be sure, not to mention cheap and eco-friendly.  ($40 round trip).  We got to the city in the afternoon and met up with some friends and started on the Vegas “trip”.  I have to say that my relationship with Las Vegas has changed.  What was once my drunken, horny utopia had become a sad scene.  The pinnacle of corporate domination.  There is no where to escape the bullshit in Las Vegas.  It hit me like a heavy fist to the chest when while cruising the strip in between bus stops I saw 3 guys in their early 20’s with Hooter’s ads strapped to their backs, walking billboard drones.  

It wasn’t all corporate garbage.  Once I moved past my inability to justify a place like Las Vegas in a country that is trillions of dollars in debt with a population that is enslaved by personal debts and involved in 2 wars, I decided to have some fun.  The best way to do that with a mind full of fear is to find the biggest margarita available.  Unfortunately the public buses don’t let you take those on, so we had to hoof it down the strip towards the Emerald Suites, a classy little lodge on the outskirts of town, next to the ever popular Orleans Casino.  

Taking the bus is a whole new way to see Vegas.  Riding with the people that are servicing all this vice is an experience.  It dawned on me that outside of the strip Las Vegas isn’t much different than Barstow at all.  The obscene spectacle of wealth doesn’t reach the people that live and work there, and they work.  Hearing the two night security guards discussing which casino’s allow double shifts, because a double was the only way to keep his kids fed and rent payed was an eye opener. 

The Love show based on the music of the Beatles is a gorgeous spectacle that I recommend to anyone.  It is moving to say the least.  The experience was one of joy and renewal.  I found a new way to see Vegas and accept my behavior there.  I decided to just appreciate my friends, my girlfriend that I’m in love with and the fact that I wasn’t going to give them one extra cent…(besides all the drinks and such).  We went to my favorite place in Las Vegas, The Piano Bar in Harrah’s (which actually kind of sucks now because you have to pay a cover charge and the vibe is much more how can i say it…mid-life crisis) We danced all night at the Revolution Club and drank whiskey to a nice silly drunk.

It was great to see the place different and I felt a great growth in my photography of the place.  I really feel like the compositions reflect my attempt to revaluate some shit about this place.  Las Vegas. 

I’m not sure what to think of Las Vegas as a city, but I have a feeling that it will be the first place raided and cleared of rats when the revolution goes down.